Review: Johnny Works with One Hammer & Cobbler, Cobbler

This lesson provides an optional review of two songs from Unit 1. They give your children more practice with feeling the beat in different parts of their bodies.

Johnny Works with One Hammer

Johnny Works With One Hammer musical notation

Vs. 2 Johnny works with two hammers…. (pound two fists)
Vs. 3 Johnny works with three hammers….(pound two fists and one foot)
Vs. 4 Johnny works with four hammers….(pound two fists and two feet)
Vs. 5 Johnny works with five hammers…. (pound two fists, two feet, and nod head.) Finish verse 5 with “then he goes to sleep.”
Cobbler, Cobbler

Cobbler, Cobbler musical notation

Verse 2
Cobblercobbler, mend my shoe.
Get it done by half past two.
Half past two is much too late.
Have it done by half past eight.
You may wish to review the solfa syllables that go to Cobbler, Cobbler from Unit 2.