Solfa – Unit 1

Welcome to Unit 1! Getting started is as simple as watching the YouTube video links below. Charlotte Mason incorporated solfa lessons twice a week for about 10 minutes each. These lessons are intended to be repeated. You may stay on each lesson for as long as you wish. (See a sample lesson schedule.)

We have also created a printable PDF with instructions, notated music, and video links for each lesson. The PDF is available here: Unit 1 PDF

Imitation and Echo

Steady Beat

Singing Games

The next unit introduces solfa syllables and hand signs. If your children are younger than six, we recommend that you spend these years singing without the added complication of solfa. Nursery rhymes (see below) and foreign language songs are appropriate at this stage. Your younger children are welcome to sing along with the songs in the following units, but please don’t require solfa and hand signs. It’s fine if your children do them voluntarily.

Nursey Rhymes