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We are so pleased that you want to teach your children to sing using solfa (also known as solfège). It is a skill they will use for the rest of their lives. It will help them learn to sing, sing in tune, read music, and learn the basics of music theory.

We’ve structured the Sing Solfa resources so that parents and children can work through the material together—no experience required. If you and your children have no musical experience, or if your children are younger than six, we recommend you begin with Unit 1 and work your way through unit by unit. If your children have some singing experience, you may wish to work on Units 1 & 2 simultaneously. Unit 1 gets the children singing and Unit 2 begins to introduce the solfa syllables. We also have a growing list of foreign language songs that are appropriate for all ages!

We hope your families will have joy as you sing together. It’s never too late to start!