Solfa – Unit 3

You’ve made it to Unit 3! You are ready to begin if your children are able to match pitch most of the time. They should know the syllables mi, sol, and la and their respective hand signs. This unit will emphasize beat and rhythm as well as beautiful singing.

Downloads: Hand Sign Chart, Heartbeat Chart

Feeling the Beat*

Tuneful Singing

Beat and Rhythm


*If a child is still struggling to keep a steady beat, give them a small drum (a kitchen pot turned upside down works well) or a pair of rhythm sticks. Have the child start the beat and have everyone follow the child’s beat and sing along to it. This gives the struggling child the ability to pick a tempo that is comfortable for them. It also allows the child to hear himself/herself and often results in an “ah-ha” moment when they realize what they actually sound like. Practice like this for a few days and the child will eventually be able to follow someone else’s beat.