Spanish Songs

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Charlotte Mason taught foreign language songs even before she started teaching solfa. Children of all ages can join in singing these songs together. Each song includes a video, written-out lyrics, and musical notation (where available). At this point, no distinctions have been made among the dialects of Spanish. If you have the language skills to help with this task, please let us know.

These foreign language songs are made possible by the hard work and generosity of Dany Rosevear. The song lyrics and printed music may vary slightly from the linked videos. The translations are not exact. From Ms. Rosevear: “Literal translations do not always make sense to the English ear so these have been translated freely (very freely in some cases!) to complement the music and capture the spirit of each song.” All songs may be sung in English as well, although the foreign language version is much preferred.


José-Luis Orozco has many videos available his YouTube channel. Links to his books are available below. Because the music exists in printed form in these inexpensive books, we have not reproduced it here.

Recommended Audio:

Canciones Para Ninos, by Rosa León (includes many of the songs from above)



Tú Eres Mi Flor: Songs For Children en Español
Elizabeth Mitchell & Suni Paz



 De Colores and Other Latin American Folk Songs, by José-Luis Orozco (see accompanying book below)

(Latin American)


 Diez Deditos/ Ten Little Fingers, but José-Luis Orozco (see accompanying book below)

(Latin America)

Recommended Books:

 De Colores and Other Latin American Folks for Children, by José-Luis Orozco (See accompanying CD above)

(Latin America)


Diez Deditos and Other Play Rhymes and Action Songs from Latin America, by José-Luis Orozco (See accompanying CD above)

(Latin America)