Review: Cobbler, Cobbler

In Unit 1 we learned the song Cobbler, Cobbler with actions. Now we are ready to sing the song with the solfa syllables and hand signs. Just as we have done with Star Light, Star Bright and One, Two, Buckle My Shoe, we can sing Cobbler, Cobbler with the syllables “Sol” and “Mi.”

Here’s the original version with lyrics:

Cobbler, Cobbler musical notation

Here’s a version with the solfa syllables written in (this is for parent use only—students should follow a parent/teacher and not read the syllables themselves). See if you can use what you learned in earlier lessons to sing the songs with the solfa syllables and make the hand signs without the aid of a video.

Cobbler, Cobbler solfa notation

*Please note that the syllable is written “sol” but is pronounced “so.”