Old King Glory

The children hold hands and walk or skip in a circle. One child, King or Queen Glory, walks around the outside of the circle in the opposite direction. As ‘And it’s one, two, three’ is sung, this child gently taps three children on the shoulder. These three then hold hands with King Glory in the order they were chosen and walk around the outside next time the song is sung. The last child chosen picks three new children to join the outer line.
Continue until everyone is holding hands in the outer ring and just one child is left inside. This child becomes the new King or Queen Glory to whom those in the circle then kneel and bow with hands outstretched and sing the final “And we all bow down to the mountain.” A new game can then begin.
Number of players: 8+
Old King Glory musical notation
Listening and game example link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzcZTnH4oRE