Copy, Watch, Listen (Sol La Mi #1)

This lesson introduces a new video series called the Robbins Regimen. These videos move quickly and get children engaged in a hurry! Each video has three parts:

  • Copy — This is a call and response activity. Mr. Robbins will sing the solfége syllables and make the hand signs.* Then the children will have a turn.
  • Watch — Mr. Robbins will hum the pitches and make the hand signs. The children will repeat by singing the solfége syllables and making the hand signs.
  • Listen — Mr. Robbins will sing the pitches only. The children then respond by singing the solfége syllables and making the hand signs.

If the video moves too quickly for your children, you can slow the speed by clicking on the gear in the lower right-hand side of the video viewer. Changing to .75 speed should help. If it is still too difficult, go ahead and skip to Lesson 7.

*Note: Mr. Robbins does the same hand signs we have already learning, he just placed them a little differently on his body (“la” is on top of the shoulders, for example). This can be helpful for children who benefit from more tactile approaches to learning.